Black concrete structures as a visual element

We are building a new road tunnel for Helsingin Energia. The concrete structures of Sompasaari’s road tunnel shall be implemented with black-coloured concrete, which will provide an attractive visual element to the road tunnel. 

Project started in September 2015
Project completed at the end of February 2016
Scope road tunnel surface area 1 500 m2, volume 6 950 m3
Special features of the project concrete structure that is coloured black

Concrete is currently a popular visual effect in both interior design and architectural solutions. It is pleasing to see how Helsingin Energia also wanted the road tunnel to have a special look. The architect-designed wall pattern shall be formed on the inner surface of the road tunnel by means of black-coloured concrete.

Our parent company, Kalliorakennus-Yhtiöt, operates as the main developer of the project and is also responsible for the blasting work. Our duty is to implement the construction of the tunnel’s inner surface. A total of 1,000 cubic metres of concrete shall be cast in the road tunnel.
The project to be implemented in a few months shall employ 2 KRY employees and approx. 15 builders.

We shall add photos of the interim stages of the Sompasaari road tunnel construction site and the interesting end result as the project progresses.